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Advertise Your Website - Monthly Banner Spots

Price: $ 5.00

Purchase includes your website banner advertisement being displayed throughout the top of our website (to the right of our site logo) for 30 days.

You provide the .gif or .jpg banner (or you can order a banner from us to use)

Keep in mind the banner size will be converted down to 350x60 to fit the ad area.

Banner ads must meet all applicable policies of this website.

This advertising spot is a random rotation of different ads being displayed. We will never have more than 5 banner ads running at a time to maximize your banners potential view rate. Once all ad spots are gone, there will not be an option to purchase this item again until one of the rotating ads have expired. No stats are provided!

Pricing, availability, and length of ad display are subject to change at anytime.

Advertising prices may be discounted or increase in price at anytime, once you have purchased your advertising spot, you are entitled to receive the entire length of which you originally purchased even in the event our site changes the length and/or price of the banner ad spot. Since this site is newer, I will obviously begin my ad rates much lower than what I anticipate that these ad spots will be worth later.

ScriptsToDownload reserves the right to refuse any ad for any reason, only in this case will a refund for advertising be given. No refunds on accepted ads that are later removed due to policy violations (such as the user using a re-direct and ad no longer goes to intended content and any other valid reasons as deemed by


After purchase, you will be directed to our contact page, please provide the following information:

Subject: Banner Ad Spot Purchase

Then inside the comments area, please tell us the location of the banner image, such as: and the link it should direct to.

Banner will be effective for 30 days from date of purchase, so be sure to get this information to me in a timely matter --- have the information ready prior to purchase for best results.

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